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Driving in Bali

How to get adrenaline rush without efforts!

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Well what can I say??? I never knew how exciting driving could be… but I tell you right now that Paris, Rome are no competition to Bali madness..

It is actually OK in all fairness as long as you do not drive too fast so that you can avoid mopeds with a family of 5 .. a motorbike with some crazy youth on it .. a group of school children practising their marching for August 17th parade ( independence day).

You have to beep everytime you overtake anything… it is fun and the only issue I can think of is that you cannot see as much as if you are a passenger … but as I drive slowly I still enjoy the view… plus the feeling of freedom is great and makes it all worthwile…

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Car Rental in Bali

How to give yourself an adrenaline rush without doing any efforts!!!!

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Hi all,

What can I say ... I must have been struck by lighting or something ... but I have decided to rent a car for 4 weeks so that it gives me more flexibility...

At present to go anywhere a little far I need to get in the street and bargain for 10 to 15 minutes to find a driver .. with the kids in tow and let me tell you that I don't finish hearing the end of it for hours on end ... which to be fair I can understand...

So I thought about hiring a chauffeur with a car for 4 weeks to take us wherever we want to go ... but then the price is crazy ... so then I thought I got an international driving licence so I might as well use it!!!

I am kind of apprehensive and excited at the same time ... apprehensive as there are mopeds with kids, adults, logs and all sorts everywhere cutting you off and doing all sorts of interesting driving!!!

But I am also excited at the idea that if I want to go and see the sunset somewhere I can just go on the spur of the moment .. it will also be easier to follow Isabelle and Xavier around when they arrive and it will make it more possible to meet for dinner and all the excursions... I also really want to see the little villages inside the land so it will be easier to just go and drive...

I will take a picture of the car when I get it and show you the before ... we'll see for the after!!!

Another interesting fact is that the cost is dead cheap .. a month for 300USD about £180.... and excess of only 100USD and all cash in hand so no CC in case of trouble ..

The website I used was balicarrentalonline.com

See you later..

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