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Sponsor of a local fisherman

Gede & his family

sunny 28 °C

After befriending Gede family for a few days I decided that I would like to help them as they are all leaving in very precarious conditions in a beach shack with their 4 kids, 2 aunts and grand mother. We went there and they do not have a lot… a mattress on the floor which looks like it has been there for centuries and a hammock where the baby sleeps above their heads. The kitchen is basically a gas stove outside. They have no toilets and no running water.

I spoke a little with Gede and I found out that he could not take tourists to the dolphins as he did not have a licence like everyone else. And to get that licence you need to pay 1300000 rupiahs to the organisation. Now looking into on a 60000 rupiahs trip the organisation get 30 and Gede would get 20 per tourist which is not bad as at present he sells his fish for 20 a kilo to restaurants (who subsequently sells that at 50 for a slice!!!!).

So I decided with the kids that we should sponsor him and give him the money he needs to get into the organisation… If it can improve their lives I can spare £100… So we did give them the money and they were so grateful that they did a little party on the beach for us.. we had the fish we caught in the morning fried with rice and they then went to buy some fresh small tuna and we had those too grilled on the fire.. It was great!

The baby girl fell asleep in my arms and they were all so nice and friendly ... this is the real Bali and what I would liek to come back to see again....

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Arrival in Lovina

Traditional fishing village

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This is a little ideal bay with black sand… and a tiny little fishing community living around one single street…

Lots of homestays there and they all help each other and if they are full get you to the next one… We are staying in a room with a massive bed and a shower, AC and a European toilet… but no loo roll here as they use a shower hose.. kids actually love it somehow!!!

Yesterday when we arrived and after diner a fishing boat came back from fishing sardines and the kids had a great time seeing how they sort the fish out and it is a family affair … very nice.. They also have a pig on the beach .. and chickens … very very kind of rural and peaceful .. kids can go on the beach on their own while I sit at the terracee and chill out… pretty good….

We ate grilled fish from the same day catch .. lovely…

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Lovina - Fishing Trip at Sunset

Fishing in a traditional boat with locals...

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On our return from the hot springs .. we went fishing on the traditional boats (with an engine I am afraid) and it was fantastic…

We saw the sunset on the boat (Wendy I have a picture for you)… and we all actually managed to fish our diner which was pretty good I thought…

The kids had a great laugh and the guys was cool … I told him off for polluting my fresh air with his cigarettes but he was cool .. I actually shared with him my annoyance at the amount of people who are trying to sell you things all the time and about the fact that even to go snorkelling we need to take a boat when the book told me otherwise… but he was nice and told me that he would lend us a snorkel (oh yes I forgot to mention that Hayden lost his before we left Sanur) and also show us where to snorkel from the shore … cool we willl see tomorrow and let you know.

Anyways we had the fish for diner in a soup and it was great!!!

Farewell and some more tomorrow if I manage….

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