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Happy Home Orphanage - Projects Update

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I just felt like showing the improvements that were made by the volunteers lately in Happy Home Orphanage...

We have Elsa and Mathilda from Sweden who have fund raised money to deliver a brilliant library room....

Moira and Francois have been painting the classrooms....

I have been painting the new LKG classroom and the corridors with kids.....
Now Moira and I are trying to deliver a couple of projects before we go and they are as follows:

1- We would like to furnish the Lower Kinder Garden class I have been painting over the last 2 weeks ( pictures above) and for this we will need:

  • 8 double cushions at 3000 rupees each
  • 2 low tables for arts and crafts at 3000 rupees each
  • 1 storage cabinet for all kids work and teachers materials 10000 rupees

craft material (paint, scissors, paper, paint brushes, sponges, scrap paper drawer, glitter, stickers, wool, etc...) 3000 rupees

2- We would like to do a playroom in one of the 3 rooms of the outbuilding and we will need...

  • paint & roughly plaster the room 15000 rupees
  • 1 storage cabinet for the playroom 15000 rupees
  • storage boxes for the toys in playroom 5000 rupees
  • some more toys (shoe lace x 5, wooden blocks x 3, big lego, big foam blocks x 1, mecano box x 3, small legos x 3, tell the time x 3 ) 5000 rupees

This room currently looks like

3- If I have time I would like to get the fence done in the playground 173000 rupees

4- If I have time I would like to fund the finishing of the building of the 4 toilets and storeroom outside for 435 400 rupees

If you are interested in giving, then you can use:
my bank account in UK - Cahoot account number : 20281785 sort code : 090640 please give some details of where you want the money invested if you would like it to go to any projects in particular
the KSW Trust fund (a charity that works with Happy Home ... in this case email me as they also cover other projects in Nepal and I need to let them know how much they need to send to my account. Please see their website for how to give http://www.ksw.org.uk/the-trust/ways-of-giving
the Deutschland Happy Home Bank account using the link to our existing website

I need to find out the French NGO I can use to give tax deductible donations.... watch that space....

Many thanks to you all in advance...


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Happy Home Orphanage Big Birthday bash

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Last Friday the volunteers organised a big birthday party for all the kids... It was awesome !!!!

All the volunteers were there...

Teo & Hayden had fun!!!

We had a giant bouncy castle

a face painter ...

some cartoon characters outfits....

We organised some races and games....

We had popcorn and pizza and cake!!!!

We danced...

And all the teachers and staff had great fun!!!

We had lots and lots of fun.....

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Tihar Celebrations

Dog, Lights and Sisters & Brothers....

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Tihar house preparation
We woke up today to a house decorated with natural flower garlands, painting all over the floors and flowers in vases around the house. The house had been cleaned inside out and painted fresh and it looked beautiful..
Here are a couple of photos of the drawing that is made in front of all houses during that festival.

Today is dog’s day so Tommy and Moose (the 2 guard dogs we have in the house) are given a collar made out of natural flowers … they are given some food to eat (bananas believe it or not!!!) and they get some tikka on their head. It was so funny to see and the colours are so beautiful and vibrant!

Today is brother and sister's day when they give each other tikka..
The festival was interesting… all the boys sat in a line on the floor and the older girl broke a nut with a stone at the beginning of the ceremony… Then the older girls put tikka on the boys’head. There will be 7 colours on a white stripe… Then when all the boys are done, the girls sit on the floor and the boys also put tikka on their heads. As it was getting late the boys did a dot with the 7 colours on them…

Once it was finished we all had the party food… some sweets, some dried fruits, some special bread, and some chicken stew that was yummy… I then put some movies on for the kids.

That evening we did a big fire in the playground and had some fireworks and drinks… We tried to put the music on but again the stereo failed us….

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