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Museum of the Native American - Fayetteville

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Before meeting up with Kieran we decided to go to see the Museum of the Native American, i.e. the Indians to see what it looked like...

You can check the website http://www.monah.us/index.html....

The museum is set in an ultra modern building and is an amazing display of arrow heads (for those of you who really like arrow heads) and there is even a short documentary on several key arrow heads design such as the "clovis" .. but I will not spoil your curiosity and will let you come and see it for yourselves!! :)

There are a lot of displays of potteries of the different tribes that inhabited the area as well as the further afield south America, there are some displays on Maya and Inca pottery too.

But I think what I liked most was the beautiful display of dresses and outfits worn by the different Indian tribes. The bead work is amazing and we should really learn from them, the leather is so soft and the shoes look so comfortable... You can also see the ancestor of the baby backpack .. so much nicer looking than our contemporary one even though looking a tat too right compared to our fully padded versions!

There is some displays of bows and weapons which are of some interest .. and of the animals...

I think the ironic display that shows the modern pottery (if you imagine the fine French Limoges pottery you are quite near the design) which was made by the American obviously once the Indians had all been sent to special reserves... The pieces just looked so rigid compared to the rest of the museum but I supposed it is part of the history so we will let them off...

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Playground fun in Fayetteville

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Today we met up with Kieran and Mithra after school and went to the local park to fly a kite and go in the playground...

We had some fun flying the kite even though the wind was too strong for the kids to fly our 1.8m power kite so daddy flew that one which left us with one kite for 3 kids which, as you can well imagine, gave rise to a few tantrums, tears and drama but we managed to get some good flying time...

Teo heavier than Hayden had more chance at staying on his feet but at times had to actually sit down not to be dragged by the wind... neraly a pro my son ... well done!!!

Hayden had some easy winds first as you can see.. looking cool and kind of too at ease on those shots...

And then the wind picked up and so did his concentration... he did very well with daddy's help and managed to get some good figures of 8 and turns... well done kiddo!!!

I got that great shot on the way to the car!

We then all went to the playground of Mithra's school which was pretty cool...

Mummy played some tricks!!!

The climbing frame was a favourite one...

Then the monkey bars...

The geodesic too...

And finally some silly shots to finish of the day...

We then went on a nice Thai restaurant... Teo had a spice curry which still tunred out to be too spicy... Hayden had a huge diner ... all adults finsihed ours and we had 4 take away ... this is tomorrow's lunch for us!!!!

Tomorrow weather forecast is rain so we are planning to do a lot of homework and cinema!!!!

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