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Desa Les Waterfalls…

The tallest waterfalls in Bali

sunny 28 °C

This is a great little place off the road between Lovina and Amed.

The tallest waterfalls in Bali where you can have a shower under (if you feel strong enough) …The drive there is a little scary as the roads are narrow and very very very bendy…

Once parked you need to pay an entrance fee of about 10000 and then you will need to walk about 15 mins before getting to the waterfalls..

The waterfalls are indeed tall and actually standing under them is no as easy as it seems… The guide gave us a tour of the surrounding moutains and showed us some great plants and their usage…

There is a cool plant which seeds pop in water…this was our party trick over diner that same day and we had a giggle about it…

Again we went to where the balises have their showers in the wild … they are so close to nature there was a bunch of 3 men with kids when we got there and they did not flinch or got dressed but carried on a usual with their showing business…

This is also one of the few places in Bali where environmental issues are a primary concern and they are hot on cleaning the rubbish out and I have to say it is refreshing when we have been trekking in the back of beyond and still manage to come across pile of garbage just thrown for the road side....

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Sponsor of a local fisherman

Gede & his family

sunny 28 °C

After befriending Gede family for a few days I decided that I would like to help them as they are all leaving in very precarious conditions in a beach shack with their 4 kids, 2 aunts and grand mother. We went there and they do not have a lot… a mattress on the floor which looks like it has been there for centuries and a hammock where the baby sleeps above their heads. The kitchen is basically a gas stove outside. They have no toilets and no running water.

I spoke a little with Gede and I found out that he could not take tourists to the dolphins as he did not have a licence like everyone else. And to get that licence you need to pay 1300000 rupiahs to the organisation. Now looking into on a 60000 rupiahs trip the organisation get 30 and Gede would get 20 per tourist which is not bad as at present he sells his fish for 20 a kilo to restaurants (who subsequently sells that at 50 for a slice!!!!).

So I decided with the kids that we should sponsor him and give him the money he needs to get into the organisation… If it can improve their lives I can spare £100… So we did give them the money and they were so grateful that they did a little party on the beach for us.. we had the fish we caught in the morning fried with rice and they then went to buy some fresh small tuna and we had those too grilled on the fire.. It was great!

The baby girl fell asleep in my arms and they were all so nice and friendly ... this is the real Bali and what I would liek to come back to see again....

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The Local Pool and Temple and Tirtaganga Royal Pools

First night drive expedition

sunny 28 °C



The temple and pool were 5 minutes away from the Water palace so we got there quickly .. as usual you get charged 1000 ruphias to park your car in the street… we then had to make our way through the rice fields and arrived at the pool…

As Georges predicted we were the only tourists there and everyone was washing hair and body in the pool with soap … They were very welcoming and we practised the little Balinese we knew and I felt bad as their English was actually quite good… We stayed there for about 30 minutes and we then said goodbye to the friendly locals and made our way to Tirtagangha to see the Royal Pools.

We must have got there for 5 and it was getting late but the place is magical .. with enormous pools with huge fishes floating steps circuit in one of the pool… And also 2 pools for swimming where both locals and tourist come to relax.. The water is fresh from the mountain and even though it is quite cold when you get in … once in it is actually very nice…

We met a nice French girl who was on a year travel too and who was doing a great way by working in farms and then travelling … Constance had gone to Nepal and then had been travelling through Indonesia for a while .. she was heading to Argentina Peru Ecuador and Colombia just like we will ..

We left the pool when it was quite dark and I was a little worried about driving in the night as the signage even though apparently improved really not as good as in good old England… But we made it back safely after having to ask at least 20 times .. it would have been the worst nighmare of a man that would 

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Water Palace Jugung Sunday 7th August

sunny 28 °C

SAM_0285.jpgSAM_0289.jpgSAM_0281.jpgWe arrived at what I thought was the water palace but in fact if was the summer residence of the kings with a series of gardens and pools … beautiful buildings and a nice view on rice fields. We did not stay long as Hayden had decided that it was boring so we went round quickly and then set off to find the local temple and pool to have a swim…

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Car Rental in Bali

How to give yourself an adrenaline rush without doing any efforts!!!!

overcast 25 °C

Hi all,

What can I say ... I must have been struck by lighting or something ... but I have decided to rent a car for 4 weeks so that it gives me more flexibility...

At present to go anywhere a little far I need to get in the street and bargain for 10 to 15 minutes to find a driver .. with the kids in tow and let me tell you that I don't finish hearing the end of it for hours on end ... which to be fair I can understand...

So I thought about hiring a chauffeur with a car for 4 weeks to take us wherever we want to go ... but then the price is crazy ... so then I thought I got an international driving licence so I might as well use it!!!

I am kind of apprehensive and excited at the same time ... apprehensive as there are mopeds with kids, adults, logs and all sorts everywhere cutting you off and doing all sorts of interesting driving!!!

But I am also excited at the idea that if I want to go and see the sunset somewhere I can just go on the spur of the moment .. it will also be easier to follow Isabelle and Xavier around when they arrive and it will make it more possible to meet for dinner and all the excursions... I also really want to see the little villages inside the land so it will be easier to just go and drive...

I will take a picture of the car when I get it and show you the before ... we'll see for the after!!!

Another interesting fact is that the cost is dead cheap .. a month for 300USD about £180.... and excess of only 100USD and all cash in hand so no CC in case of trouble ..

The website I used was balicarrentalonline.com

See you later..

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