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Little Rock Visit - Arkansas

Museum of discovery

rain 16 °C

We arrived under the rain in Little Rock, capital of Arkansas and pretty much left the following day under the rain too!!!

So we looked for a cool place to be with the kids indoor and saw that the Museum of Discovery was well rated....

It is a pretty amazing museum, like you must know by now, nearly all the museums we visited in the USA so far :)...

The entrance leads to a great maze of tubes that can be connected or not and the kids put balls and scraves through to see where they go..
We saw how a tornado was made as there are many here in the USA...
We also went to an animal demonstration and the kids managed to touch a massive stick insect

There was a craft place as usual and we Hayden did a plane with daddy whilst Teo and I did a mask..

We had diner in a great Texas Steakhouse where the kids could, believe it or not!!, draw on the floor...

Kids were my models as usual

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Hobbs Conservation National Park - Arkansas

Pigeon Root Trail & Water Mill

rain 16 °C

Today in spite of the greyish not so appealing weather, we decided to venture outside and do one of the many trails in the Hobbs Conservation National Park, which is the largest and the first national park of Arkansas....

The trail is 4.2m with no difficulty and very pretty scenery, with little streams, view points to Beaver Lake, trail through the forest as a single track and lots and lots of wild flowers..
The trail first follows as stream and meanders through the woods...

It then comes onto a lovely viewpoint of Beaver Lake.. and the follow the river until it joins back to the start of the trail...

After the trail we were ravenous and decided to go and eat at the water mill on the river which is supposed to be a lovely working mill where they do their own flowers and grains etc....

So we had lunch there and played a while... the problem was that the water levels were too high for the mill to actually work so we now have to come back another day!!!!


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Walk to the waterfall under the rain - Arkansas

Dentist & waterfalls

rain 16 °C

Today we were waiting for Teo to go to the dentist as he felt a cavity ... it is funny as it seems we are trying dentists in all the countries we have been to!!!

We were lucky enough to find a dentist to take us within a week but I presume that was because of how much we got charged.... a mere $200 for a filling ... not bad going I think I might just become a dentist in the USA!!!!

No at least we got Teo's tooth fixed and we have insurance so no worries at all... plus they give you a voucher for Taco Bell (a mexican fast food place ).. so we went to get soft tacos for the kids and some cinnamon rolls ....

Teo looked funny as half his face was paralysed by the anaesthetic and I thought we could keep that photos as a record...

We then decided to go for a walk and went to the local waterfalls in the Bella Vista area ... they were lovely and the walk was very good with information on trees and nature as we went along... the kids did not enjoy the walking under the rain so much but we managed to see some nice bird (I forgot the name!!!).... and the waterfalls were nice too...

The trees are starting to bloom and they are lovely and makes you feel like it is spring and it is lovely!

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Hot Springs - Arkansas

sunny 25 °C

We arrived in Hot Springs, Bill Clinton's town and went straight to the observation tower on top of the hill...

Then we walked the Promenade, a 30 minutes walk along the Bathouse Row and took some pictures of this pretty town... There are 8 bathouses remaining from the original 20... Some are shut like Maurice and Lamar. The rest do not allow kids under 14 to come in and all offer packages with access to the thermal bath as well as some treatments... highly recommended... Fordyce bathhouse gives children a Hot Springs National Park Junior Ranger activity Book which is very informative and fun at the same time...

This is the town where you find the Gangster Museum (we did not visit this) hence this great car parked in front of one of the hotels

This is inside a shop dedicated to Mountain View a local spring source that sells water all over the country...

You can drink hot or cold water throughout the town from fountains and it is really healthy as you can imagine... the temperature of the water is about 63 degrees Celsius so nice and warm!!!

We went to the bath with the children and the only place where they allowed kids under 14 was at the Arlington hotel.... boys and girls go separately so I had some time to myself!!! We all did a mud bath, followed by some hot towel wrapped around your body and I also had a steam cabinet which is so hot you think you are going to pass out!! Good fun and the kids enjoyed it... after fishy feet in Bali I think they will be high maintenance those kids ... watch out ladies!!!!

And I thought the mural in front of the cinema was cool.

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Memorial Skate Park in Bentonville - Arkansas

sunny 23 °C

Uma had bought Teo and Hayden a new skate board and helmets so we thought we would give it a go and went to the Skate Park in Memorial Park in town...

I brought my new Skorpions quads and both Teo and myself tired them on...

The it was time for the kids to do their tricks on the ramps!!!


I did try to go on the ramps but that did not work out that well!!!

We then went to see Frank kite flying in the park.

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