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Kathmandu - Transfer of the Dallu kids to Happy Home

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This Tuesday Bishwa told us that 40 of the Dallu children will be transferred from the Dallu house to the Happy Home International School where theey will be lodge and schooled from then on for the next 5 years. We headed off on the moped with Teo, Hayden and Bishwa and made the 1 hour journey across town... The place where we arrived was very poor and run down and kind of scary in a way.... But all the kids there welcomed Bishwa like he was some sort of god... Even the mothers tried to give all the children to Bishwa and not just the initial group he was planning to take.... The others will come once the initial group has settled down in their new environment and school...

Although those kids have all got mothers, they have no fathers and they live in total poverty in the Dallu house which is a derelict building with no electricity of running water where 27 families are leaving. All our single mothers, who have escaped the tyranny of their husbands or who have fled the countryside to seek fortune in Kathmandu. However, as all dreams do not come true they have found themselves unable to provide even shelter or food for their children, let alone get enough money to educate them.

Whilst some are orphans and will therefore need a sponsor for the rest of their school years, the children who are part of the Dallu project but have a mother will be looking for a full sponsorship for 5 years only until their mothers can support them they will only require a scholarship sponsor after that.

Bishwa decided to take the children away for 5 years in order to provide education to the children and allow the mothers to find their feet and manage to sustain their own livelihood. 10 of the mothers are currently being trained by 10 university students to become vegetable sellers on markets. This is the Dally Project... I will do a page on that later on...

I enclose some pictures of the house and the kids as well as some when we took the kids away in the bus... The mothers were all crying and followed the children.. it was poignant...

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Kakani week end

Leech madness!!!

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This week end Simon invited us to the British Embassy cottage situated in Kakani, north west of Kathmandu on a beautiful ridge.... We went to the Lucas house for 10.30 with our bags and got ready to go to the other friends Duncan and Anne-Marie. Anne-Marie is Canadian and Duncan British and they have 2 kids Fin (Ed's best friend since 2 years ago) and Taby who is Anna's good friend too... We went to their house and Ed and Anna got on their land rover to make the journey there and I sat next to Simon changing gear as he has broken his hand 2 weeks ago.. We must be a funny site to see!!!

The journey was long as Dashai holiday makers were swamping the streets and we made very slow progress through the city, seeing all the goats being taken on their last holidays as they are due to all be sacrificed during Dashai and eaten as a ragout!!!!

Once we left the city we made quick progress and we got there for 1, just in time for lunch. Simon had bought some nice sandwiches and rolls and cakes and we were all ravenous so we sat down to eat ...

The cottage is great, very colonial and very grand!! We stayed in the bedroom to the left and when it came to sleep the shutters and the thickness of the wall ensured we had a sound sleep till 9 am!!!

After lunch we set off for a walk through the village, the forest and the climbing wall Anna had gone to with some friends before. It was nice to escape the city fumes and walk through nature and smell all the fragrances of the animals, grasses and trees surrounding the place...

We arrived at the rock climbing wall and had a go and then we decided to head back as it was looking like it would rain anytime... We managed to loose both Ed and Anna who had decided to go another way but had not quite communicated clearly where that would be !!! At last we found them and made our way home where we all looked at our feet and legs for leeches... Anna was the worst hit as she wore crocs and her feet were bleeding with so many leeches bites... then Ed ...

Teo & Ed went running outside in sandals and when they came back they had at least 7 leeches on their feet... yuck!!!!

The others starting playing games, we played scrabbles, the kids chess and the jumping frogs game and we all had fun!

Diner was Simon's Didi lasagna and they were awesome, we had some refreshing salad too and the carrot cake Anne-Marie had baked... Yummy!!! after diner we played a game of Cranium which is a very fun family game... remind me to get that one for Christmas! And then it was time to go to bed...

In the morning we had a lovely brunch cooked by Anne_Marie and Duncan made of pancakes, pomegranate and watermelon fruit salad, bacon and egg and muffins.... fantastic!!!

The kids set off to explore the vicinity and climbed on trees.. we then decided to collect leeches and we all set of with our jars, some salt to ensure they did not climb out of the jar and walked around and got 5 leeches... When we came back we all took our shoes off and Ed had another 4!!!!

By that time it was time to head back to town as Duncan's land rover did not have very good wind screen wipers and it was looking like it would rain any minutes!!!!

We went home and posted some letters on the way, dropped the keys back at the embassy and then headed off to the american commissioner to buy some milk... The place was like a fortress and the car is checked for bombs and I had to have a pass and kids and I had to go through the metal detector prior to being allowed in the compound.

As we were all a little pickish we went to the cafe and had some lunch.. we then headed back to Simon and after half of the Harry Potter we went home with the kids ...

It was a very nice week end and I will probably go back there to do some walking on the ridge when we get back to Kathmandu.

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Happy Home Orphanage



We have now been working at the orphanage for 3 weeks and it still feels that we have just arrived!!! Julien is teaching science every day all day… whilst Anne is the official photographer and the kids helper… I try to help Bishwa with the communication and finance in between teaching the kids and trying to mix with the different classes too.

The kids are just great.. even with nothing they are happy.. We went to get some old tires and they play with those a lot.. we also managed to get a massive concrete circle delivered for free and have used that as a sand pit…

There is a lot to do and a lot to buy to make their lives better… actually you might all be able to help as we are looking for sponsors for the 60 Dhallu kids who have just arrived… In order to school, clothe, feed and lodge them we have calculated that we need £50 a month until they reach the age when they get a job or get married… So if you want to help this is the website you need to have a look at… http://www.happyhomenepal.org/

There are also some one off project we need to find funding for such as setting up a library, building a fence etc… I will try to put something together and attach…

The kids are all given education so they have a daily structure like our kids… assembly, lessons from 10 till 4 and then they have all their chores to do.
They are all so independent and the eldest help the younger … so nice to see this solidarity amongst them.

I have enclosed some pictures of their day as well as some of their portraits… Anne is doing a yearbook for all years and we hope to have the site updated as soon as possible.

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Shopping and discovery of Kathmandu

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We went shopping in Thamel, which is the tourist area where you have shops after shops after shops, restaurants after restaurants and internet places after internet places...

We tried a couple of restaurants from the guide du routard which were lovely and in particular a little coffee shop called The Organic Cafe and Farmers Bar.

We also went to get some clothes made to measure ... I wanted the kids to have a nepalese outfit so they have a nice shirt and baggy trousers.. and I have bought a couple of dresses for work and 2 tops... Julien got a tunique for his role plays and Anne did not get anything... We also managed to get the tailor to commit to provide the orphanage with left over materials so that they can do crafts...

Teo and Julien bought a traditional singing bowl, Hayden bought a traditional musical instrument and I bought a head band!...

We also bought a lot of DVD for the school ... 96 in total so they should have enough for the whole year!

We walked in a lot of back streets and saw a lot of interesting buildings and people as you can see...

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Indrha Festival Kathmandu


This week end we decided to go and stay in Kahtmandu to visit the city and do some shopping.

We were lucky as the Indrah Festival was on which is the festival to celebrate the end of the monsoon… the Durba square is bloked off and some ceremonies take place such as the parade of the Kuntami (child goddesses) in 3 separate chariots for the 3 gods. There is also the elephant dance and the monkey dance.

I took Hayden and Teo on top of a restaurant where we had a great view of the square and Anne and Julien went through the crowds to get the ambience… It was great …

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