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Week end at Hilary and Simon

A little taste of British Xmas....

sunny 16 °C

Well this week end Hilary and Simon were very kind and we basically arrived on the Friday and left on the Sunday...

On Friday there were Xmas fairs at school and in the Summit hotel...

90_DSC00394.jpg90_DSC00395.jpgThen on the Saturday we went to Xmas party at some friends ..

And Sunday was Christmas lunch at the British embassy...
We had lots of fun.. played a lot of scrabble,

They have a great tree the kids enjoyed climbing...

There was a great climbing frame, sand pit, swings...

The kids ahd lots of fun when Santa came

We had a nice lunch on the grass...

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Kevin's leaving do

overcast 16 °C

As it was Kevin last day we decided to go to Thamel and have a pizza and chocolate cake to say goodbye... Here are some pictures at the pizzeria
It was nice to have everyone out... Teo, Amit, Kevin, Moira, Monika, Matilda, Elsa, Hayden and me....

We then went into a very cool bar called K2O where they had so yummy chocolate cakes so we had one or two ... their deco is really cool with lots of glow in the dark paint... looks very good and gave us more ideas for painting!!!

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Happy Home Orphanage - Projects Update

sunny 15 °C

I just felt like showing the improvements that were made by the volunteers lately in Happy Home Orphanage...

We have Elsa and Mathilda from Sweden who have fund raised money to deliver a brilliant library room....

Moira and Francois have been painting the classrooms....

I have been painting the new LKG classroom and the corridors with kids.....
Now Moira and I are trying to deliver a couple of projects before we go and they are as follows:

1- We would like to furnish the Lower Kinder Garden class I have been painting over the last 2 weeks ( pictures above) and for this we will need:

  • 8 double cushions at 3000 rupees each
  • 2 low tables for arts and crafts at 3000 rupees each
  • 1 storage cabinet for all kids work and teachers materials 10000 rupees

craft material (paint, scissors, paper, paint brushes, sponges, scrap paper drawer, glitter, stickers, wool, etc...) 3000 rupees

2- We would like to do a playroom in one of the 3 rooms of the outbuilding and we will need...

  • paint & roughly plaster the room 15000 rupees
  • 1 storage cabinet for the playroom 15000 rupees
  • storage boxes for the toys in playroom 5000 rupees
  • some more toys (shoe lace x 5, wooden blocks x 3, big lego, big foam blocks x 1, mecano box x 3, small legos x 3, tell the time x 3 ) 5000 rupees

This room currently looks like

3- If I have time I would like to get the fence done in the playground 173000 rupees

4- If I have time I would like to fund the finishing of the building of the 4 toilets and storeroom outside for 435 400 rupees

If you are interested in giving, then you can use:
my bank account in UK - Cahoot account number : 20281785 sort code : 090640 please give some details of where you want the money invested if you would like it to go to any projects in particular
the KSW Trust fund (a charity that works with Happy Home ... in this case email me as they also cover other projects in Nepal and I need to let them know how much they need to send to my account. Please see their website for how to give http://www.ksw.org.uk/the-trust/ways-of-giving
the Deutschland Happy Home Bank account using the link to our existing website

I need to find out the French NGO I can use to give tax deductible donations.... watch that space....

Many thanks to you all in advance...


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Happy Home Orphanage Big Birthday bash

sunny 20 °C

Last Friday the volunteers organised a big birthday party for all the kids... It was awesome !!!!

All the volunteers were there...

Teo & Hayden had fun!!!

We had a giant bouncy castle

a face painter ...

some cartoon characters outfits....

We organised some races and games....

We had popcorn and pizza and cake!!!!

We danced...

And all the teachers and staff had great fun!!!

We had lots and lots of fun.....

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Swayambhunath stupa

sunny 22 °C

Today as we had been working for 9 days in a trot I decided to take the kids to the monkey temple otherwise known as swayanbunath… It is located in the north west of Kathmandu about 20 minutes drive from Thamel…. We took a micro to Thamel and then a taxi to the temple… There were a few guides trying to take us round and we took one that looked nice and for 300 rupees you get an hour tour…. You go through a lovely gate and look up to at least 100 steps up in the sky, at the top of which the oldest stupa in Nepal….
The steps were hard and borded by craftmen and souvenir shops and snacks shops .. This seemed crazy as monkeys are everywhere and if you come with a plastic bag they will try to grab it off you and if you come with food same thing they will try to steal it from you. There was a very funny monkey that was trying to drink out of a plastic bottle which had a hole at the bottom… he was so so funny…
We walked the steps very very slowly and came up to the temple area. There were originally 2 twin towers on each side of the stupa, both built by the king, one he gave to his wife. Unfortunately there was a thunder that crushed one of the tower and it is now in bits. The oldest stupa stands in the middle of the complex… surrounded by other temples and Buddhists monasteries.
We went to the monastery the closest to the temple and spoke with the monk inside. He told us that at the age of 12 he was sold to the temple by his parents who could not feed him. He was hardly educated and was now 26. Makes you wonder about the good of the religious orders sometimes. Similarly we saw some kids making bow and arrows and we went to see them to see if we could do some with them.. Again we asked them about their lives and they were all 8 or 9 years old and were in year 2 and one of them was 15 and was in year 5. The kids were sweet and showed us how to make a bow and arrow and Teo and Hayden had a go at shooting with those the apprentice monks had made. Next to the stupa was a temple dedicated to children and a priest was making offerings for a family. The guide told us that if you had a poorly child you would come here and pay the priest to do a prayer for you.
There was a lot of other temples behind the stupas and the guide explained that they were tombs for the riches… We walked to the side of the stupa and went to the golden temple which is in fact a golden statue in the middle of a little pond. At the bottom of the statue is a urn where you throw some money in it … if you reach the middle of the urn you are very lucky. So Harry our guide went to get some coins and gave some to the kids. Hayden threw the first coin which fell in the water. He threw the second coin without looking and it fell in the urn!... Teo tried but did not manage to throw it in the urn. Harry threw some coins and he managed to get his second coin in.
We walked to the third temple called the education temple where the kids give rice and some pencils a specific day a year to be good at their grades…. We then walked back to the temple where Harry left us and we went wandering around a little longer. On the way down we bought some craft material which are used for embroidery. I thought we could use this to embroider the bags made by the Dallu mothers in the orphanage. We bought 2 sets of embroidery kits as well as the colours of the logo. We then walked back and went to Thamel to get the laundry and change the camera.

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