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September 2011

Happy Home Orphanage



We have now been working at the orphanage for 3 weeks and it still feels that we have just arrived!!! Julien is teaching science every day all day… whilst Anne is the official photographer and the kids helper… I try to help Bishwa with the communication and finance in between teaching the kids and trying to mix with the different classes too.

The kids are just great.. even with nothing they are happy.. We went to get some old tires and they play with those a lot.. we also managed to get a massive concrete circle delivered for free and have used that as a sand pit…

There is a lot to do and a lot to buy to make their lives better… actually you might all be able to help as we are looking for sponsors for the 60 Dhallu kids who have just arrived… In order to school, clothe, feed and lodge them we have calculated that we need £50 a month until they reach the age when they get a job or get married… So if you want to help this is the website you need to have a look at… http://www.happyhomenepal.org/

There are also some one off project we need to find funding for such as setting up a library, building a fence etc… I will try to put something together and attach…

The kids are all given education so they have a daily structure like our kids… assembly, lessons from 10 till 4 and then they have all their chores to do.
They are all so independent and the eldest help the younger … so nice to see this solidarity amongst them.

I have enclosed some pictures of their day as well as some of their portraits… Anne is doing a yearbook for all years and we hope to have the site updated as soon as possible.

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Shopping and discovery of Kathmandu

semi-overcast 25 °C










We went shopping in Thamel, which is the tourist area where you have shops after shops after shops, restaurants after restaurants and internet places after internet places...

We tried a couple of restaurants from the guide du routard which were lovely and in particular a little coffee shop called The Organic Cafe and Farmers Bar.

We also went to get some clothes made to measure ... I wanted the kids to have a nepalese outfit so they have a nice shirt and baggy trousers.. and I have bought a couple of dresses for work and 2 tops... Julien got a tunique for his role plays and Anne did not get anything... We also managed to get the tailor to commit to provide the orphanage with left over materials so that they can do crafts...

Teo and Julien bought a traditional singing bowl, Hayden bought a traditional musical instrument and I bought a head band!...

We also bought a lot of DVD for the school ... 96 in total so they should have enough for the whole year!

We walked in a lot of back streets and saw a lot of interesting buildings and people as you can see...

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Indrha Festival Kathmandu


This week end we decided to go and stay in Kahtmandu to visit the city and do some shopping.

We were lucky as the Indrah Festival was on which is the festival to celebrate the end of the monsoon… the Durba square is bloked off and some ceremonies take place such as the parade of the Kuntami (child goddesses) in 3 separate chariots for the 3 gods. There is also the elephant dance and the monkey dance.

I took Hayden and Teo on top of a restaurant where we had a great view of the square and Anne and Julien went through the crowds to get the ambience… It was great …

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Trekking in the Kahtmandu valley

3 days in the fresh air....

rain 20 °C

We have decided to go for a trek in the Kathmandu valley instead of Pokhara as it is less far and it would be good to discover the beauty of the surrounding environment. So we decided to go for 3 days from Saturday to Monday and also we took porters in case the kids got tired.
The first day the company came to pick us up at 8.30 as they went to the other GEMS school so we had to wait a little longer. Then we drove for 1 hour to the beginning of the trek.

We arrived at about 11 at the start and decided to have some lunch before as they was no other place until we arrived at 4 at the hotel. We all had noodles and some drinks… and then we headed off to the national park.
The day was very tiring as we had not been used to do anything and the majority of the trail was with steps up and down.. Very tiring and Hayden was winging a lot so we though he would have to be carried during the 3 days.
The sceneries were beautiful as we went through some farming villages perched on the flank of the mountain… They were all very much like the Masviel, small, fragrant and beautiful… All the scents from the animals, and the corn and the nature reminded me of our house in the Tarn. It was wonderful to be in the nature with no pollution and Hayden stopped coughing ….
We slept in a hotel in an area which is renowned for its wet weather and humidity … and that was true, we slept in a hotel which was very humid. All the beddings smelled like dampness and there was no hot water…. But we woke up at 5.30 to see the sunrise and it was awesome. Teo woke up too and Hayden stayed in bed.

The second day we went through a much nicer path, wide and rugged but no steps so the kids walked from 8.30 till 5.30… they did very well.. Again we saw some great nature, we saw leeches and we all had one jumping on us, we saw snakes and eagles and a lot of beautiful wild sceneries, a lot less villages than the first day.
At lunch we stopped in a little village in the mountain where we met a French pilot working in Dubai… I thought we would have rain so I bought a large plastic bag to wear as I had no waterproof jacket. I did well as we got rain from about 3 so we arrived in the hotel absolutely drenched….
The hotel in Nagarkot was good so we managed to get the shoes and socks dried overnight… The rooms were warm and pleasant and we slept like logs…

The third day we went back to Dhulikhel where the van was due to pick us up to bring us back to our house.
We set off on a similar trail than the day before but the sky was quite cloudy for most of the morning… We had a nice lunch at about 11 in a little house in the hills, with little goats and the ladies were so sweet with the kids that she brought a whole box of little chicks for them to touch and have a look at… The area grows a lot of potatoes and sweetcorn so the scenary was amazing with various shades of green in the terraced fields of either potatoes or rice. There were a lot of people working the rich earth by hand, men and women all equal and it was very beautiful.

We stopped at a hindu temple and went in to have a look at Raj our guide gave us a talk about the hindu and Buddhist religions…
Meanwhile heavens broke off and again rain poured out of the skies… we waited a while but decided to head off… So we changed into our wet clothes from the day before in order to keep some dry clothes … and headed off in the rain.
It was kind of fun… the ground was red as it is an area where they get the earth to make bricks so the rivers were swollen and red, the paths like streams and again we were with wet feet within 10 minutes of walking out in the rain.
That day we saw amazing butterflies and millions of worms that fall from the side of the mountain with the rain and then dry up in the path.
The kids were starting to show signs of being tired so Anne starting telling them stories and they walked all the way … thanks to Touching the void, 126 hours and another story….

We saw some interesting grasshoppers or locust like creatures and heard a few cigales. All was very refreshing and we were sad in many ways to see the city and be hit once again by the dust and pollution.

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Rafting In Bali

sunny 28 °C





We decided to go rafting and chose a company that would take kids from 5 which was Bali View.

We got picked up at 8.30 in the morning and drove to the drop off zone which is on the way to Kintamini.

The raft was great and our guide was excellent. Hayden was a little scared of the bumping bits so he controlled the raft and we did not turn over or got too wet.

We had to listen to his instructions and when he said boom boom we had to lie low as we were about to hit something, down would be when we were about to go under a very low bamboo bridge and we had to just duck, paddle was obviously when we could paddle (let me tell you that it was not too strenuous as the guide was pretty much doing it all).

We saw some nice waterfalls, some great gorges, and the water was grade II and III no where near what Frank did in the USA but we felt close to him at that stage 

We also went down a 4 metres drop which was pretty cool… highly recommended as again you can see Bali from a totally different angle…


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