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April 2012

Branson - Missouri

Las Vegas for kids - shows & theme parks

sunny 30 °C

This week we decided to head north to Missouri again to a place called Branson that was recommended by a few people as a heaven for kids ... and let me tell you that it was not an understatement... this place is like a Las Vegas for kids with theme parks all over the place, shows for all ages, and shops galore...

On the way there we went to the biggest hatchery in Missouri called Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery Conservation Centre. Located at the foot of Table Rock Dam they raise up to 2 million trout (rainbow and brown) a year and release them in the surrounding rivers every nights so people can enjoy a great fishing day. You can feed the fishes which the kids enjoyed and if you come at the right time you can see how they breed the fishes... They have also a mini museum which shows you all the venomous snakes and spiders in the area and also informs you how to live in harmony with the wildlife in you own house by creating houses for bats, taking the garbage in every night etc... very interesting place.

We stayed in a wicked hotel called Welk Resort which had an indoor swimming pool with slide, a game room and a crazy golf... that was really cool!

We went to Silver Dollar City one day and this place is a Hilly-billy town built like in the 1880's... very nicely nested in the trees and with shops, craftsmen working in front of your eyes (silversmith, glassblowing etc...) and then rides... and more rides....

The kids did a few just for kids ....and some were very cool .. one of them , the Flooded mine, you were in a boat with water cannons and you basically shoot at targets, obviously, .... but also all the passers-by... That was just wicked... we came out drenched but in stitches and went again for more... We did all the rides but the worst roller-coaster called Wildfire....

Our favourite roller-coaster was Thunderation... and we also like the steam train that takes you round the park and has a mini show with 2 hilly-billies... very funny.

And then we did some of the more sickening ones altogether.... and oh my god!!! do I hate those roller-coaster!!!. We went on one called Powderkeg.. and let me tell you I nearly passed out. I am not the best rider at the best of times but this one felt like you were in a rocket and the acceleration keeps you stuck on your seat... Well the kids did better than me and went for seconds with Frank ...!

Good day that was...

In the evening we went to Dolly Parton show called Dixie Stampede. It is with horses and kind of shows you the life it used to be back in the 1800's and the civil war... There are chicken, piglets and pony races which are very entertaining, a kind of hilly-billy clown also very funny, some lumberjack pole climbing and a great old fashion dinner where you eat with your hands a full size chicken each, corn and potatoes and soup and a nice dessert... Very good evening.. We could not take photos in the arena as the flash could disturb the horses!

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Fishing in Lock Lomond - Bella Vista - Arkansas

sunny 26 °C

Hum I wasn't feeling the hole shilling today so we decided to go for a kayak tour (crazy hey!!!)... I got rescued by the fact that renting a power fishing boat was cheaper than 2 kayaks... so off we went for our 2 hours fishing on the lake...

We could get this as we are temporary members of Bella Vista as Kieran sponsored us which basically means we can use all the local facilities for free which is just great, that is swimming pool, gym, classes, mini golf, library...

Teo nearly got a fish but we all had a try...
and we had some fun driving the boat....

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Survival course - Arkansas

Happy Birthday to Teo and Hayden

Teo wanted to do a survival course as we were meant to spend a month in the jungle in Ecuador but we never got there.... So for his birthday we decided to try and see if we could organise a day out where we would be taught the essentials of survival skills.... We were lucky to find Jeff (www.ozarkmountainpreparedness.com) who does all sorts of courses on survival and outdoor cooking and who managed to do a custom course for us and the kids....

He moved to the Ozarks 2 years ago from Utah where he owned a gun shop and prior to that was a fire-fighter for 6 years .... so he was well equipped. His house is in the middle of 22 acres of woods and the perfect setting for the course.

So the kids learnt what to do if they get lost:

1- don't panic, relax and do not go from where you are without indicating the way you went so the rescue team cam work easier... keep busy and do not sulk!!!!
2- get a fire going to prove to yourself that you can take control of the environment around you... this is good for the morale, will keep you warm, will be able to cook whatever you catch, will enable you to signal and will keep predators away.... he taught us the oild fashion way (flint and metal)and some other stuff too... he taught the kids the basics of what you need for a fire... (fuel, heat and oxygen)
3- get water.. here he showed us where to find the water around you and how to purify it....

4- make your shelter ... here we made a lean to shelter but he also had some examples of what other teams have made like raised shelters, winter shelters etc...
5- get some food. This was great as we rummaged through the woods finding plants to eat... we sampled some and we can now recognise them which is fun...
The kids enjoyed the course greatly and so did we as it was a nice family day out.... we might come back for some shooting practise as Jerry has a lot of guns and I would love to do target shooting! I kind of fancy the outdoor cooking too....

and once again


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Multi diversity trail - Hobbs Conservation Park - Arkansas

sunny 31 °C

The multi-diversity trail aims to show you the different plants, animals that lives in the area, they explain the way they are preserving the land and how they are doing conservation....


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Beaver lake cruise - Arkansas

sunny 29 °C

This was a really nice cruise where both the guide and the skeeper were very knowledgeable and the people on the cruise were very friendly...

Some shots of the kids as usual...





Some of the scenic shots.... you can see some bird nests on the buffs,

Kieran and Uma...

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