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March 2012

War Eagle Cavern visit - Arkansas

Bats, maze and trails

sunny 30 °C

Today it was a lovely day and we went to one of the many caverns not too far from home... It has a maze, several trails, a guided tour to the caves, a feeding platform to feed the fish.

We did the tour first with a lovely volunteer Jim whose wife we met at the Mill last week. Jim used to be an operations manager in a factory and does 6 to 8 tours a day ....We took the trail to the caves and saw some nice trees, they have also a million fossils the kids enjoyed discovering on the way...


The cave itself was also impressive with various stalactites, stalagmites, curtains formation, chimneys and again lots of fossils. They are inhabited by little bats which can stay put for more than 2 weeks and get covered in droplets of water... so cute .. They measure about 5 cm long (their bodies). They also have a brown bat colony but they are deeper in the cave and you cannot see them.

The cave was used to film some old western so there are some artefacts about Jessie and Frank James who hid here after their robberies. Locals used to make moonshine drinks there and there is a display of the system they used to make it with.

We saw some bats, and salamanders as well as some swallows nest.

The following are just random shots!

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Saint Louis - Missouri

week end in Saint Louis

sunny 24 °C

This week end as Mithra was just back from spending some time with her dad Kieran offered to take us to Saint Louis in Missouri... so we jumped on the offer...

The 5 hours journey seemed to fly by with 3 movies (felt like an airplane ... plus popcorn!)....

We headed of at 1ish and got to Saint Louis for 6ish and went to a lovely restaurant in town.... we then went to bed to get ready for the City Museum which seemed to be a great place for kids and adults all the same...

The next day we woke up and went to have breakfast in a lovely bread place called the Saint Louis Bread company... I had a souffle with spinach and cheese and a juice.... Teo had a lovely cinnamon cake and a water, Hayden a hot cross bun (who told you he was missing UK hey????) and a chocolate chip muffin and a orange juice.... It was all lovely...

Some views of the city

We then headed off to the City Museum a kids palace made out of recycling materials from wood, old aircraft, printing presses, trees... it is amazing to look at and has a lot to offer from a circus show, a craft room, an indoor skate board park to run on, a myriad of tunnels, a 10 storey slide, a cave, an aquarium (additional charge), a hamster wheel to exercise in, a massive ball patch where people just take each other out literally....

This is what the place looks like form outside ... pretty cool hey!

This is the war zone of ball pit!!!!

Some of the craft we did
We spent from 10 in the morning till 19.30 !!!! unbelievable .... lunch was great with a giant pizza... and we had a great laugh...

The Circus show

The slides

The indoor skate area:

The big hamster wheel:

Some more of the crazy interior... all made from recycled materials:

The next day we needed to head back early so we got a wake up call at 7.30 to see if we could get a ride in a Mississipi boat (you know the ones I mean) and also look at the arch ... a magnificent whilst imposing and simple monument by the Mississipi river....

We could not make the boat as the earliest would be 12:00 and it lasts 1hour so we decided not to go there and instead do the Arch visit....

Guess what !!!! we were early and it was shut !!!! so we headed up to town to our nice bread shop and went for breakfast....

On our return we faced some queues to get into the arch so we spent some time in the museum they had done in the visitor centre... Whao that was amazing .. a true picture of the conquest of the west with some excellent displays, variety of media, immense collection of artefacts... pretty inspiring layout for a museum...

I watch a documentary on Mrs Roosevelt who was British , did you know that??? and then did the Junior Ranger activity pack with the kids (or Teo to be more precise as Hayden gave up within 10 minutes of having to answer some questions that involved reading some of the notes!!!!)...

A very good museum...

In the queue to the train that takes you up the Arch you have some more museum and artefacts to see:

The trip in the arch is also great.. you get put in these minute cells that sit 5 people and get sent up 155 metres into the air!... you then come out on this corridor where you have windows that look out. We had excellent visibility and it was fantastic views!

Views from the top

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Pea Ridge National Military Park - Arkansas

Trip back to the Civil War

sunny 30 °C

Today we decided to visit the Pea Ridge National Military Park not too far away...

This is again a very interesting museum with a lot of artefacts and testimonies of the soldiers who fought during the Civil War... Missouri was a key state during the war as it was the state located between the northern states in the Union and the southern states the Confederates. The Northern states were for the abolition of slavery whilst the Southern states were pro slavery.
The Unionists decided that if they were to take the Missouri state they will be able to slip the Confederates states in 2 even further using the Mississippi river. Pea Ridge is where the Civil War sort of went in favour of the Union as they won the war.

There is a 7 miles drive you can take with more than 10 stops where information is provided about the war. There is mainly the tavern that I found very informative. An old man of about 70 volunteers every day and dresses up like a unionist and talks about the war and what they used the tavern for. This was like a hospital and you can see some nice Halloween chopped up legs and arms,. all the drugs they used ... the natural plants they also used ...

The place is pretty much as was before apart from the farms have been destroyed, but the canons are still standing and it is amazing site.

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Little Rock Visit - Arkansas

Museum of discovery

rain 16 °C

We arrived under the rain in Little Rock, capital of Arkansas and pretty much left the following day under the rain too!!!

So we looked for a cool place to be with the kids indoor and saw that the Museum of Discovery was well rated....

It is a pretty amazing museum, like you must know by now, nearly all the museums we visited in the USA so far :)...

The entrance leads to a great maze of tubes that can be connected or not and the kids put balls and scraves through to see where they go..
We saw how a tornado was made as there are many here in the USA...
We also went to an animal demonstration and the kids managed to touch a massive stick insect

There was a craft place as usual and we Hayden did a plane with daddy whilst Teo and I did a mask..

We had diner in a great Texas Steakhouse where the kids could, believe it or not!!, draw on the floor...

Kids were my models as usual

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Hobbs Conservation National Park - Arkansas

Pigeon Root Trail & Water Mill

rain 16 °C

Today in spite of the greyish not so appealing weather, we decided to venture outside and do one of the many trails in the Hobbs Conservation National Park, which is the largest and the first national park of Arkansas....

The trail is 4.2m with no difficulty and very pretty scenery, with little streams, view points to Beaver Lake, trail through the forest as a single track and lots and lots of wild flowers..
The trail first follows as stream and meanders through the woods...

It then comes onto a lovely viewpoint of Beaver Lake.. and the follow the river until it joins back to the start of the trail...

After the trail we were ravenous and decided to go and eat at the water mill on the river which is supposed to be a lovely working mill where they do their own flowers and grains etc....

So we had lunch there and played a while... the problem was that the water levels were too high for the mill to actually work so we now have to come back another day!!!!


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