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Wilderness drive through park - Gentry

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Today we decided to go to a big cat rescue centre next to Eureka.... so we get ourselves ready, get the food, the water, the cameras, the kids (very important the kids!), the shoes, the coats .... the sat nav... and off we go

Check the sat nav and select what we thought the entry was on the sat nav .... and we go to Gentry, not quite where we thought it would be but nevertheless a kind of zoo, same price as the one we called, so we go in...

In fact we were in a completely different area!!!!! This one is not a rescue centre, there are more than big cats and you cannot feed the cats either...
But actually it was great... we did first a drive round the place and that was just huge ... a million animals, a million trees, a beautiful set up (a little bit like Whipsnade for those who know in terms of feel of great wilderness and prettiness)....

Teo and Hayden got bored so they drove the car for a while!!

We met some monkeys on the way that would just climb on your car ... the girls in the car ahead were feeding them so they were on their car for ages...

We then went to the petting place where you could feed the goats, chickens, pigs and it was soooooo funny .... we all came in with our bags of food in the end and as soon as we walked in.... the goats attacked my bag and made a great big hole in it.... They were eager and it was very hilarious as they were so assertive .... if we can call that assertive ...

We visited the wallabies and kangaroos and they were also so beautiful .. we could touch them and that are so so so soft it is lovely... One of the mummy had a baby in the pouch and the other one wanted to jump in with the brother ... hilarious!!!

We decided to take a walk to a barn where we saw some monkeys on the way in and Melissa, a very kind lady who had served Teo and Hayden for the pet food recognised them... She loved their accent so ask them if they wanted to play with Sid .. a very funny looking monkey who hates adults and love playing with kids... The kids went straight in with their hands with both Frank and I looking a tat crazy just in case we would loose a finger or 2...

As the kids were so at ease... Mel asked if we wanted to play with some other monkeys and we all said yes please!!! so she took us to an enclosure where there were 2 boys and 1 girl (they were her boyfriends!!!!) ... Mel had to remove the girlfriend as she could be a tat aggressive... then she asked Frank and I to get in to test the waters (thanks Mel!!!!)... so we stepped in and Mel said ... "just grab them when they come to you" .. so we did and it was amazing .. Milo and his friend were so cute and soft...

So we let Teo and Hayden in and Milo adopted Teo and his friend adopted Hayden..... both monkeys fell asleep on the kids ... Melissa was impressed and said that this had never happened before!...

A colleague from Mel brought in a baby monkey 4 months old who had to be removed from the parents in the wild as she was visiting the bear enclosure while mum was asleep .. so Mel is now her new mother, feeds her, changes her nappies and the baby is just attached to Mel like a real mum... Very sweet...

After this Mel asked us to come up to the rear of the barn to another monkey's enclosure and she asked the big monkeys to dance and do tricks for us! We then went back in the barn to get her details as she wants to come to UK and she would be a great asset to Whipsnade I tell you!!! While we were chatting with Mel the kids discovered a mouse in the boa constrictors enclosure.. we asked Mel and she said it was the next diner .. I have never seen a mouse so still in my life...

Teo and Hayden played with some sort of marmotte .... stroking its neck and it actually fell asleep hanging onto the cage railing! these kids have a gift I tell you!

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